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So you’ve all heard that How to Rock isn’t getting a second season, and I know it’s disappointing news, especially knowing Bucket & Skinner, Victorious, and iCarly have all been cancelled as well.

I’ll miss working on this incredible show. With the great songs, my freaking gorgeous bass,  the wonderfully talented cast, and the stories we were able to tell you all. 

As for the show, hey, you guys still haven’t seen NINE EPISODES. That’s a total of 26 episodes. That’s basically two seasons boys and girls. In the last episode you see Stevie get SERIOUSLY happy for some strange reason.. and that all I’ll reveal ;)

As for the cast, we’re all working on different projects. I just did a Nickelodeon fitting today for promos AND I’m shooting Figure It Out in September, so I’m not going anywhere!

What I want to say is, thank you for the love, support, and interest our show. I feel so blessed and thankful for the opportunity given to me by Nickelodeon to be on their wonderful network no matter what the outcome was. I’m so humbled by the door that was opened to me, and if things come along for me in the Nick future I’ll gladly take it :) 

Thank you for everything, and stay happy darling. NINE more episodes :D xoxo

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#even before we KNEW Sam was in love(and all we did was speculate) there’s this weird little undertone to their friendship #look how well he understands her and how she responds so nicely instead of just grabbing it and punching him or something#she doesn’t actually have to be nice to him. she’s thrown oranges at him and spanked him and seriously punished him #but here she plays along #and sure she’s getting bacon out of it #but maybe she also gets to say THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING ME AND CARING ENOUGH TO BRING ME BACON AND OH I LOVE YOU BUT I’LL NEVER TELL YOU

^^^i love you

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