people who aren’t kagepro fans already are probably so confused

because this episode focused on a completely different character/set of charas from the first episode

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Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel sing Confrontation - Inside the Actor’s Studio March 27 2014

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Man, all the people who are like “But the finale makes sense because these things happen in real life~” are irritating me because yeah, marriages do fall apart and people do lose people they love too early. But it’s just plain bad writing to undo nine seasons of character development in one episode just so you can keep ~the ending you wanted at the beginning~

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I think about this a lot.

Even though Lucina’s explanation states that ”The river of time always favors its original course.”, but if we think a little bit more like Miriel and think a bit more scientifically, the chances of you getting back the same baby in another time and place is probably one in millions. And the idea of it was kind of plaguing my mind for ages, so I finally drew it out=w=

Also here’s another version, because I didn’t storyboard and ditched pages here and there so here’s an alternate version that somehow worked itself into another kind of mood (so much that I kinda had to redo from certain points because it didn’t feel comedic anymore)






Also another panel that didn’t make the final cut (all these extra panels shows that I really need to start storyboarding beforehand… orz)


Sorry for typos and whatever I’m really not thinking straight at this time. (it’s 5am so)

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I really wish there was a line from the kids if they marry Robin about how weird it is for them to have their own future kid. It just seems like it’d be a pretty funny situation for them to be in.

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Nintendo To Capitalize On Twitch Plays Pokemon

REDMOND, WA- The Twitch Plays Pokemon experiment has taken the world by storm, with over 24 million views total and an average of around 80,000 viewers at all times. Twitch Plays Pokemon sees the viewer of the ongoing Pokemon gameplay input commands to control the actions of Red, and with thousands of people making actions at once, the results can be quite chaotic. The social experiment has spawned several memes, and has caught the eyes of the media. But that’s not the only eyes it has attracted.

Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, held a board meeting recently with Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, Senior Game Designer, and Satoshi Tajiri, founder of Game Freak and Pokemon’s creator, to discuss the possibility of profiting from this media sensation. The meeting, spearheaded by Fils-Aime, brought up several ways in which Nintendo could not only build money, but also notoriety, after the Wii-U’s lifetime sales were surpassed by those of the Xbox One and PS4.

“This stream has tens of millions of views, and always has around eighty thousand viewers at a time,” Fils-Aime said. “That’s publicity we need. That’s money we could have. Think of the ad revenue Nintendo could make if we held our own stream on Twitch. We could also stick in ads for the Wii U and the 3DS. We could even sell t-shirts and merchandise based off of the memes and inside jokes that are created! We at Nintendo have always prided ourselves with innovation, and that’s exactly what  Twitch Plays Pokemon is: innovative. It would be ludicrous not to take advantage of something like this.”

CEO Satoru Iwata then took the floor. “We can also profit from the stream that is currently ongoing. Pokemon is Nintendo and Game Freak’s intellectual property. We have the right to make money from it, and to take down the stream if the creators don’t comply. We have already contacted lawyers to talk to the executives at Twitch, as well as the stream’s creator. Soon enough, we will see ad revenue from the streams, as well as an estimated one million in sales from Helix Fossil and ‘Bird Jesus’ [two memes from the stream] T-Shirts.” The meeting ended soon after.

If this venture is successful, based on Twitch ad revenue ($3 for every 1000 ads), Nintendo could potentially make $240 hourly, which by the projected time it takes to complete the game (about two weeks, based on similar streams), would amount to around $80,000. To a company like Nintendo, this is chump change. However, the big killer here would be in merchandising and promotion of the company and the Pokemon brand. If even only 100,000 people bought a Helix Fossil t-shirt, after production costs, Nintendo could potentially make $2 million if the net profit per shirt is $20 after $10 in manufacturing costs.

But Pokemon isn’t the only game Nintendo plans on doing an interactive stream with. There are rumors of plans to do “Twitch Plays Earthbound,” “Twitch Plays Fire Emblem,” and even “Twitch Plays Animal Crossing: New Leaf” with a new interactive stream every month. If the rumors are true, Nintendo could make tens of millions in profit from merchandise a year. This business venture could certainly be the turnaround Nintendo needs.

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happy birthday sweet children of may 

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There was a large argument in the chat about whether or not to get the Pokémon Eevee. Doing so would have been a risky move, as it would necessitate evolving it to Vaporeon in order to have a Pokémon which would learn Surf. This would require the viewers to successfully buy and use a Water Stone without wasting all the player’s money. If this failed, something would need to be deposited in the PC in order to get Lapras, another Pokémon which could learn Surf, which would risk accidentally releasing a high-level Pokémon.

Despite the obvious downsides to doing so, the majority of users chose to get Eevee. They then failed to buy a Water Stone, accidentally buying a Fire Stone and evolving Eevee into Flareon. After going to the PC to deposit it, they accidentally released “ABBBBBBK(” (a.k.a. Abby) the Charmeleon and “JLVWNNOOOO” (a.k.a. Jay Leno) the Rattata. They also put Pidgeot, the highest-level Pokémon on the team, and the Helix Fossil into the PC (although both were later retrieved). Because the source of all this was Eevee, Eevee began to be viewed as a “false prophet” and servant of the Dome Fossil, which was viewed as Satan. However a day later, Flareon was released, the same fate of Abby and Jay Leno.

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le;t s turn this into a carnivale thread

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Who is that?

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