I find it really funny how Creddiers are saying Sam shouldn’t be with Freddie because she ruined his job, when she actually didn’t do anything. She just got the job because she was good at it, and he was annoyed at her so much that when she was promoted to supervisor he lost his temper and got fired.

What did Sam do to get Freddie fired, exactly? Showing up at the store? Selling more things than him? Her presence bothering him so much he started ranting about how horrible she is and getting him fired? 

Maybe I need to watch this again, but from what I recall, Sam did absolutely nothing to annoy Freddie. She was just working and he was jealous because she was better than him. AND she stood up for him even when he said all those bad things about her.  If it were another person, Sam would be happy they got fired and think they deserved it. 

I admit Sam has done a lot of things to Freddie, but don’t blame her for everything that goes wrong for him.

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