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iCarly iBathe It: The Sushi Chef

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Sam & Freddie on iCarly.Com

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Day 12: Favorite iCarly.com video

“It’s the green button! You push it!”
“I pushed it, we’re filming!”

I could go on and on about how much I love the iCarly.com videos, okay. Seriously every single one of them is adorable. But the Wake-Up Spencer segments are definitely my favorites. Because, come on. It’s something they originally did for fun on their own. It didn’t start out as a web segment. They were just messing around. Just the two of them. Back when they “hated” each other. And then they were like “oh maybe we should put them up on the website” so they did, but that’s not how it started, unlike pretty much everything else.

I don’t know. It’s just so adorable, the thought of the two of them creeping around. Sam waiting up after Carly goes to bed for Freddie to knock on the door so they can play pranks on Spencer. I mean, Sam could’ve been sleeping. We all know how she loves to sleep. But instead she was willingly hanging out with Freddie, on her own, without Carly there to force it.

And plus Jerry is just fabulous at playing sleepy!Spencer. Like he’s just so good. I die with laughter every time.

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Day 12. Favorite iCarly.com video?

So this accidentally turned into a Seddie gifset… I was supposed to have one from one of the iHave a Question videos with Spencer too but… I somehow ended up not capping that. I really love Spencer too okay. I call Sam, Freddie and Spencer the iCarly.com trio since most of the videos are of the three of them. I don’t know how this thing turned into a complete Seddie fest. It just happened.

Anyways, the real answer for this is “EVERYTHING SINGLE ONE OF THEM.” I just… I really love the iCarly.com videos. They’re so random and weird. And Sam and Freddie are the CUTEST thing on iCarly.com. They’re both so much less vicious to each other on it and ugh you should

"And one of our favourite things to do is-“
"-We wait ‘til Carly goes to sleep. Then Freddie comes over."
"And then we sneak into Spencer’s room in the middle of the night!" 
"Then wake Spencer up. Like, totally out of the blue. And just start asking him bizarro questions."
"They’re like ambush interviews in the middle of the night!"
And. We get them all on tape.”
"It’s hysterical. So we figured, hey. Let’s put the videos online here.”

And here’s why Wake Up Spencer is like one of my favourite things ever. You cannot convince me that they hated each other here. They used to do Wake Up Spencer together for fun. It was something they did without Carly. They wait for Carly to fall asleep or be away to do it. I just, YOU TWO ARE NOT FOOLING ME WITH YOUR “I HATE HIM/HER” CHIZ.

"Disgusting super slow motion."
"Super disgusting slow motion."
"No. It’s ‘disgusting super slow motion’."
"I said ‘disgusting super slow motion’.”
"You said ‘super disgusting slow motion’."
"What’s the dif?"
"You did it the stupid way.”
"Disgusting super slow motion."
"Good boy."
Try not to be condescending.”

Do I even need to elaborate? Just the look on Sam’s face when she says “Good boy.” Ugh, iCarly.com is so good for shipping these two. They’re so adorable on it.

"You can’t sneak up on me like that."
"Well you can’t scream at me like that ‘cause it freaks me out!”

I love The Jitters so much. Because Sam’s ridiculously touchy with Freddie and they’re playing a married couple and the way everyone talks in it is SO CUTE. It just cracks me up and it’s so adorable.

Also, meganekko!Sam is always a good thing. No, I don’t know why I used to Japanese word. It just seemed more appropriate for this situation.

"Nevel. We apologize for Gibby’s past behaviour.”
"And we promise you Gibby won’t even be allowed in here while you do your poem.”

I just love it whenever they talk Nevel into doing something. I don’t really care about the part where Gibby throws a meatloaf at Nevel. Just Sam and Freddie sitting down with Nevel and calmly explaining that they’re sorry for Gibby’s actions and how it won’t happen again. They’re so calm and reasonable about it that Nevel gives in every time and that’s just hysterical to me.

"Bon jour!"

This is from the video with them feeding baby Spencer sloppy joes and I was totally going to gif that part but… Sam and Freddie standing back to back. Shouting random things. It’s too cute.

Who kisses better? Me? Or Carly?”

Freddie’s face. Just his face. He wasn’t expecting that at all. And Sam’s face when she says Carly’s name cracks me up. It’s like “this is gonna be gooood.” And I still can’t believe she was so surprised that Freddie wouldn’t answer the question.

"I’m Freddie."
"Nobody cares." 
"So now you’re gonna insult me with song?"
"Ahh, I’m always looking for new ways."

I love this entire video. Because Sam and Freddie being all sympathetic about everything that went wrong with Bernie’s life is kind of endearing. They were so sweet about trying to cheer him up even though they couldn’t. And then it goes back to the usual silliness at the end.

"What are you eating?”
"Why is the milk black?”
"It’s root beer! Now go fix the send us stuff page!"
"She’s so abusive."

I love this video even though it uses the “abusive” word that normally pisses me off. But I dunno. It doesn’t annoy me that much in this context. Maybe it’s because of Sam’s playful “Yeah” at the end.

They’re all really short blurbs but come on. What do you expect me to write about pointless little segments? And I started this really late so I don’t have the time to write more.

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On the new game of iCarly.com, the end for Sam is Freddie.

I don’t know if this is a metaphor or if i’m just desperate


The end for Sam is Freddie

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iCarly.com will feature a brand-new game, “The Epic iCarly Game,” showcasing a level of play dedicated to each iCarly character beginning Nov. 19. In “The Epic iCarly Game,” players must navigate various challenges in each of the five character-themed levels to collect special objects that unlock a nostalgic video from the series. Additionally, iCarly.com will showcase several never-before-seen webisodes.
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—Upcoming iCarly.com games and videos coming soon. (via blueroses1)
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